Why Your Lab Ordering Methods May Be Faxed Up

When we saw Kmart’s new “Ship My Pants” commercial promoting their free delivery service, we couldn’t help but laugh at the punny innuendo. All the buzz around this viral video got us thinking about the nuisances of everyday life and how even the simplest solutions, like shipping your pants, can make a world of difference.

What's Your Practice Doing That's as Efficient as Shipping Your Pants?

Let’s face it, running any business is difficult, especially one in the healthcare industry. In a world centered around technology, it is imperative to be adaptive and stay with the times. But as many businesses do, they get comfortable with the way things are done and are reluctant to change.

However, it surprises us when eyecare practices make changes and claim to be maximizing efficiency but are still phoning and faxing orders to optical lens suppliers.

“Are You Faxing Kidding Me?!”

It’s hard to believe that “modern” practices are relying on machines that were first invented in 1843. That’s over 170 years ago! Your great great grandmother may have considered this method efficient, but we think otherwise.

Ditch that Faxed Up Machine

We know Fax-y Mama has been with you through thick and thin, but we’re here to remind you of the darker times. Remember when that "good ole" fax machine had a paper jam, an error message, or inconveniently wouldn’t work? We sure do! Don’t fret, there’s other lab ordering methods in the sea. We’d like to introduce you to Miss Online Ordering. She is efficient, reliable, and not to mention all of your optical lens suppliers adore her. Instead of causing you headaches and wasting your time and money, this lab ordering method goes above and beyond to ensure ordering is done properly. How can Fax-y Mama even begin to compete with Miss Online Ordering’s features?

  • Automatic Error-Checking
  • Order Archiving
  • Optometric Practice Management Integration
  • Ability to Check and Submit Orders 24/7
  • Frames Data Assist Connection
  • Quicker Turnaround

There’s no competition. What’s even more convenient is that placing orders through VisionWeb is absolutely free and painless! Not only are you connected with over 400 suppliers, but orders are returned 1-2 days sooner than using other ordering methods. No wonder 93% of practices report that ordering online makes their practice more efficient!

Still Not Convinced?

Check out one of our finest optometry eBooks, Are You Faxing Kidding Me? A Tale of Eyecare Practice Ordering Frustrations. As you're told Stu's riveting tale, you'll learn:

  • The Pitfalls of Faxing Orders
  • How Much Time is Wasted Phoning and Faxing Labs
  • Why Your Patients are Unhappy
  • About the Stress-free Online Solution
  • Why Orders Placed Online are Returned Quicker
  • How Much Time is Saved Checking Order Statuses Online
  • How VisionWeb’s Automatic Error-Checking Feature Benefits Practices
  • The Next Steps You Should Take
  • And Much More!

Will Stu the optician get his happy ending? Find out now!

Download the Free eBook!

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