10 for 10: Insight on Optometric Practice Management Software

Welcome back to our 5th edition of 10 for 10: 10 Questions for VisionWeb's Tenacious 10! Here you'll meet 10 of VisionWeb's Directors, Chiefs, and all around fantastic people. Learn about VisionWeb's company culture, new projects, executives' insights on industry trends, and much more!

Series 5: Steve Sunder, Director of Sales - Provider Channels

Today we're so excited to introduce you to our Director of Sales - Provider Channels, Steve Sunder! We are lucky to have such an experienced optician and businessman on our team. Steve is a great team player, and definitely knows the balance of having a good time and keeping it professional. Let's get to know a little more about Steve and his insight on what VisionWeb has been up to, especially in the optometric practice management software space!

cloud_based_technology1. What exactly do you do here at VisionWeb?

My title is Director of Sales - Provider Channels. In other words, I have responsibility for direct sales of VisionWeb products directly to the eye care provider...in particular, at this time, Uprise, our cloud based PM/EHR.

2. How has the optometry industry changed throughout your career?

As an industry veteran of 37 years, holding positions from dispensing optician, Senior Executive of a primary eye care group, and Vice President of Sales, I've observed the evolution of the eye care industry where today's optometrist provides full medical eye care where, in some states, optometrists can perform laser procedures.

3. How have your experiences as a degreed optician, as well as your business degrees, helped you do your job here at VisionWeb?

Having the experience from working and running a large optometric group, a VisionWeb client, to selling PM/EHR's, I understand their pain points and can talk directly to the why and how the VisionWeb cloud-based products and services are a solution to their practice needs.

4. There's been a lot of talk lately about the cloud, how does it relate to VisionWeb and the eye care industry?

VisionWeb is the industry's most experienced provider of true, cloud-based eye care services with nearly 17,000 eye care practices utilizing VisionWeb's cloud services. Today's technology promotes the use of cloud services in eye care where the ECP can enjoy access to their clinic PM/EHR from any Internet connection globally.

5. What are the benefits of using cloud-based technology, especially in an eye care practice?

Benefits of cloud services are the real time system updates and data backup, reduced hardware acquisition costs, and improved efficiencies compared to client server systems. CD's are a thing of the past.

6. Do you think it's important to utilize social media in sales campaigns?

Most definitely! Look at the success of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, where globally, the world is now connected in real time. From a sales perspective, social media now provides connectivity to a far more reaching audience immediately with reduced costs.

7. In your opinion, what are the main differences between using Software-as-a-Service and Client Server Providers?

The differences are significant both from a cost and IT management standpoint. SaaS provides immediate access for the doctor to access their PM/EHR from any Internet connection in the world via the web browser. All system updates are done for them in real time, including real time data backup. Expensive server costs are eliminated in addition to IT networking infrastructure and maintenance costs.

8. How does operating one over the other affect a practice?

System stability and predictability are in favor of SaaS over client server systems. SaaS also does not have system downtime for system updates and upgrades as do client servers. Doctors and staff can now use any computer or tablet to access the system which is not always the case with client server systems. SaaS provides a stable and predictable use case for the office every day.

9. Can you give us 3 key takeaways from VisionWeb's new product, Uprise?

Simple, intuitive, and a great looking UI to the way an optometric office practices.

10. What do you like most about working at VisionWeb?

The people! First, the leadership of the company has created a culture of respect for the people, as the people are the company. Everyone has input with mutual respect and integrity. They love to have fun!

Optometric Practice Management Software

We're thrilled to have Steve on the VisionWeb team, and he has already made a huge impact on the success and culture of the company!

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