Marketing for Optometrists: 6 Lousy Ways to Handle Bad Online Reviews

Getting a bad company review on a site like Yelp feels like getting slapped in the face. You'll probably get upset and want to write a 6-page repsonse about how they just don't understand and it's basically their fault. Stop right there!

In all seriousness, websites like Yelp are a great resource for consumers to communicate directly with companies. The consumer holds valuable insights that could help your business adapt and grow. So before you write it off as insignificant, or blow up in the reviewer's face, let's go over some helpful marketing for optometrists tips when dealing with negative online reviews.

Marketing for Optometrists: 6 Things You Shouldn't Be Doing with Online Reviews

1. Just avoid it. Maybe it'll go away?

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How to fix it: Avoiding a bad Yelp review is just as bad as telling your waiter that there is a bug cooked into your food and watching him walk away from it. The only reason someone is giving you a bad review is because somewhere along the line, you forgot to do something or there was a misunderstanding. Use this as an opportunity to thank them and let them know that you take your business and your customers seriously. Be prompt and be meaningful with your responses. 

2. Lose your cool and explode.

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How to fix it: After you read the bad review, give yourself a minute to let the steam pass. Next, try and think about the situation from their point of view. This ensures that your responses are unbiased and fair. If this doesn’t work, then try appointing an office manager or another employee to manage the situation. The main goal here is to avoid a cyber screaming match.

3. Defend your business until the end.

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How to fix it: Your business is your everything and if someone tarnishes its name, it’ll surely make you a little remorseful. In this situation, you want to go against your gut feeling and remember to remain diplomatic and professional. The customer has significant insights into your business and taking that into consideration could add value to your business. 

4. Get everyone you know involved.

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How to fix it: Keep the situation between your business and the reviewer. By bringing in a third party, it could look like you aren’t capable of handling yourself. The less people involved in this type of situation, the better. And depending on the situation, it might be best to address the negative review online, and then also follow up with the reviewer privately to resolve the issue.  

5. Annoy the heck out of the reviewer until they remove the post.

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How to fix it: Just don’t do this. It comes off as desperate and annoying to the reviewer. Constantly contacting the reviewer will create an even more negative view towards your business. Instead, just reflect your thoughts in your reply by being sincere, understanding, and apologetic (if called for). Then if they want to remove or revise the comment, they will do it on their own. 

6. Take it personally and become obsessed over the entire situation.

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How to fix it: First, your business is not you. When the reviewer is speaking, they are directing their comments to your business, not you personally. You’ve got one shot to do your best to fix the problem. Once you’ve responded to the best of your abilities and done your best to never let it happen again, let it go and carry on.  

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