OD Story: Dr. Bristol's Enviable Practice Culture

We're usually in awe of our customers and how their teams pull together to provide better patient care and advance their skills as healthcare professionals. Dr. Dan Bristol's eyecare practice in Austin is no exception to this. 

He recently wrote an article for Review of Optometric Business on how he created a mission and core values that his team works by to strengthen the practice and grow their net profit 18.5% year over year. We found the article both informative and inspiring, so we're sharing a few major takeaways in today's blog.

If you don't already have a defined practice mission and core values, this is a good place to start.

The Secret to Achieving 18.5% Net Profit Growth for Five Years

Starting on the Same Page

The mission of the practice is to "Enrich our patients' and team members' lives," which is already off to a good start because it includes the staff in its goals. Their core values are astounding service, conscientiousness, enthusiasm, integrity and teamwork.

Both the mission statement and core values are brought up at every team meeting and provide all team members, especially new hires, guidance on what choices to make daily. The office manager will give specific shout-outs to team members who are embodying a core value at these meetings. If you're still developing your mission, we encourage you to chat with your team to make it a collaborative process.

Application of Values

Dr. Bristol mentions examples of how each core value applies to different roles in the practice. Of course, astounding service can imply showing empathy for patients, but it also means showing patients how to care for their eyes even when there is no monetary incentive. Our favorite value to add is integrity, because it ensures that the entire staff hold each other accountable for both successes and mistakes. If any members make a decision that doesn't align with the values, there is a lesson the entire team can takeaway.

Measuring Patient Satisfaction

How can a strong, bonded team affect your patients? Read your online reviews. Do they frequently mention members of your staff? Or the service vs. just the products you provide? Dr. Bristol found that patients were singing praises for his team's empathy and compassion even for tasks that fall outside their job responsibilities. Take care of patients that notice the work you're putting into staff development by sending out handwritten and signed gratitude cards.

Hear Dr. Bristol's full practice story in the video below.

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