How to Promote Contact Lenses Post-COVID

The pandemic has brought many changes to the business model of most optometry practices, and not all of these changes are welcome. However, there are a few changes to eye health that need to be highlighted. Have you taken advantage of this time to promote the benefits of switching to contact lenses?

With most states requiring face masks be worn indoors, contact lenses are becoming a more attractive option for both convenience and safety. Here's how you can make this known to your patients:

Managing Contact Lens Sales in 2021

Promote Healthy Habits

Let contact-lens-wearing patients know how often to wash their hands, how to clean their lenses, and other hygiene habits that are especially relevant during the pandemic. Create an infographic that can show how diseases spread within the contact lens community, if you feel bold. Patient education videos can come in handy during these times, especially in your patient recall emails.


Another important aspect to bring up with patients is how frequently they change out their lenses. Encourage patients to wear disposables, especially if they're high risk or a healthcare worker. They also tend to be more comfortable for people who stare at a computer screen most of the day. If you stock lenses that are particularly good for sensitive or dry eyes, place them front and center in your dispensary.

Scaling CL Sales

Using software that can help you manage your lens inventory and create sales trend graphs can also help you scale your CL business. You'll be able to upsell patients more easily if you have a snapshot of your one-time CL purchases from that week or month. Uprise EHR & PM is integrated with CLX and EDGEPro to help with these insights specifically. All of your ordering and follow-up needs become streamlined with the help of intuitive software, and the efficiency won't go unnoticed by your loyal patients. 

Learn more about Uprise + CLX Systems here:

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