New Suppliers Added To VisionWeb's Ordering Platform In 2022

VisionWeb has been leading the industry with our online ordering platform, creating a solution within the comfort of your Practice Management software to process and submit orders (we integrate with over 25 PM systems). We are honored to say we are connected to over 475 labs and suppliers to help fulfill patients' frames, contacts, and lens orders and are constantly looking to make new relationships and connections.

Today, we're highlighting our most recent additions to our list of connected labs and suppliers and how excited we are to be expanding our network.

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Expanding Network Of Suppliers In 2022

New Suppliers

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As mentioned, VisionWeb has been connecting eyecare professionals for all their optical needs for the past 20 years and has been voted Best Online Ordering Platform in 2021. Adding new suppliers to our network can benefit existing optical dispensing offices by helping to efficiently track orders, cut down on phone calls, and automate error checking to prevent rework. The suppliers benefit from custom catalogs, integration with their Lab Management software, and by being exposed to over 20,000 eyecare practices a year ordering through VisionWeb's portal. 

The following are included in the new list of suppliers: 

  • American Eyeware
  • Bristol Optical
  • Laboratorio Optimex
  • Bolle Brands Inc.
  • Sunshine Optics 
  • Huxley Optical

We are currently working with several other suppliers to be added this year.

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