Educating Patients on the Value of Your Dispensary

One of the biggest problems facing independent optometrists is the threat of online retailers, like 
Warby Parker. By providing the convenience of shopping for frames online, many consumers ar
e turning away from your dispensary and into the open arms of cheaper online frame companies. We have stressed in the past the importance of educating your patients on the value of getting frames from a licensed optician in order to combat online retailers.

Today, we want to share with you some optometry blog resources you can use to develop talking points that will help you educate your patients of the truth: the best glasses come from your dispensary.

4 Optometry Blogs to Help Develop Talking Points for Educating Your Patients

5 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Purchase Glasses from Warby Parker

Antonio Chirumbolo, O.D., recently posted an excellent article on New Grad Optometry titled, 5 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Purchase Glasses From Warby Parker. Chirumbolo discusses complicated prescriptions, progressive lenses, frame adjustments, lack of size options, and supporting local business as reasons to not purchase frames online. Depending on the patient you're serving, one or more of these could be reason enough for them to purchase from you!

6 Things That are More Expensive than Glasses

We had a recent post on the VisionWeb blog that discussed How to Use Optical Resources to Prove the Value of Quality Eyeware. The post included an infographic created by Lacey Mielcarek, MS, ABOC, of Media Eye Works LTD. Optical and EyeQ Graphics. The infographic shares the monthly cost of a pair of quality glasses compared to the monthly cost of several common bills such as cable TV, or getting a cup of coffee everyday before work. So if cost is causing your patient to leave, this could be the resource for them!

3 Reasons You Could be Losing Customers in Your Optical Shop

Another VisionWeb blog post, Why Your Optical Shop is Losing Customers to Online Retailers, offers 3 reasons customers might be leaving your dispensary to go buy frames online. The post also offers some tips for keeping those patients from turning to online retailers. 

3 Patient Education Tips to Compete Against Online Retailers

At the beginning of the year, our VisionWeb blog posted 3 patient education tips in a blog titled, How to Win the Fight Against Online Retailers in Your Optical Shop. This article discusses the importance of teaching your patients the value in getting measurements from a licensed professional so that they can get the best lenses and frames for them.

We hope these articles can help you develop some great talking points to keep your patients purchasing frames from your dispensary. Our ebook can help you scale profits too.

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Originally Published in April 2015

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