Educating Your Patients on the Costs of Their Spectacle Lenses

We know competition against cheaper eyewear retailers online can be tough. But we also think that education is one of your most powerful tools for combating against stiff online competition. Not only can you educate them on the benefits of the expertise and knowledge provided by you and your staff, but you can also school them on how the cost of their eyewear isn't any different than the costs they are likely spending on other common bills every month.

Visuals are often the best way to get a point across. That's why we've posted a couple of articles with different visuals that you can share with your patients, or pin up in your dispensary that compare the cost of frames with every day costs of other things your patients are likely spending their money on. If your patients value good eyesight as a high priority, they shouldn't have a problem spending the same amount of money on spectacle lenses as they do on things like cable bills, coffee, or ride sharing.

Use Common Monthly Expenses to Show the True Cost of Spectacle Lenses

The costs used in this graphic aren't representative of every unique patient that walks into your practice, but hopefully it will help cast a light on the cost and value of good eyewear. Even if just one or two of the monthly costs resonates with the patient it might help them view the costs differently.

costs of spectacle lenses

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