EHR Software Features that Will Wow You

The team just got back from a successful show at The Vision Source Exchange in San Antonio and we had tons of fun. The booth was packed and our sales team was busy giving out demos every minute of the show. Today, I want to share a few EHR features that the crowd was most impressed by when checking out our demos!


Device Freedom

The only device you need to access Uprise is one that can support a Chrome browser. Speaking to a number of doctors at the show, I’ve noticed quite a demand for tablet use in the exam room. Doctors were frustrated with the inability to make eye contact with their patients during the exam. With a tablet, you are not only able to make visits more personable, you are also free to move around from room to room without logging in and out multiple times. The increased mobility that comes with using a tablet for the EHR translates into more time to see more patients.

Voice Dictation

Simply talk into your device on any text entry fields to enter data so you no longer have to deal with typing, especially if you’re using a tablet. It’s a huge time saver for doctors! We like demoing the voice dictation with Apple’s iPad speech recognition feature, but Uprise works with most dictation software.

Fewer Clicks

We get this one a lot. A lot of doctors complain about the number of clicks it takes to get through a simple exam. Here are a few ways Uprise reduces clicks in an exam and makes your workflow more efficient.

  • Auto Population: Make a single entry during annotation and Uprise automatically populates diagnosis, treatment, orders, special testing, and patient education, all based on best practices.
  • Preset Value Buttons: Use these buttons to enter data and the cursor automatically moves to the next entry field, without having to click.
  • Slider Tool: Enter values and data quickly using the slider instead of typing on a keyboard. It works on both touchscreen tablets and computers.
  • Favorites: Star your frequently picked items, such as exams or allergies, and they will show up on the top of the list the next time you access it so you won’t need to click and scroll through a long list.

Built-in Reporting

A lot of doctors and practice owners rely on third-party software to analyze the business aspects of their practice. But with Uprise, you get built-in reporting at no extra cost! Here are the reports you’ll be able to generate:

  • Patient Statement Report: Print paper statements to collect outstanding balances from patients.
  • Sales Tax Report: Determine how much sales tax is owed to tax authorities based on posted/paid invoices.
  • Day Sheet Report: View all financial transactions, including sales, payments/refunds, returns, voids, write-offs, discounts and adjustments.
  • Deposit Ticket Report: View payments such as cash, checks, travelers checks, etc. that will be deposited in the bank.
  • Production Report: Analyze the sales of your practice based upon posted invoices and received payments.
  • Total Receipts Report: Audit all payment transactions and get a summary of all payments by cash, checks, credit card, debit card, EFT, etc.
  • Aging Report: Summarize all balances owed to your practice by patients, owed by insurance companies, billed on behalf of patients, and owed by patients, including insurance balances.

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