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When your eyecare practice is swamped, some administrative items get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. Double-checking your HIPAA compliance can be one of the important items that gets pushed. However, there have been $83.9 million in HIPAA fines since 2016, so it's not a task we want to see deprioritized. That's why we partnered with Abyde to ensure all Uprise EHR & PM customers can easily protect themselves from risk.
With the assistance of Abyde, you'll never need to stress over your HIPAA compliance again. As an Uprise user, you'll automatically have access to a complete HIPAA compliance program, fulfilling essential, government-mandated HIPAA compliance requirements while streamlining providers’ time and resources spent on HIPAA.

Crafting Stress-Free HIPAA Compliance for Our Customers

Abyde’s revolutionary approach guides providers through mandatory HIPAA requirements such as the Risk Analysis, HIPAA training for doctors and staff, managing Business Associate Agreements, customized policies and more.

“Getting the opportunity to collaborate with VisionWeb has energized our whole organization. We are eager to show their users how easy HIPAA compliance can be,” said Matt DiBlasi, President of Abyde. “Together, we are committed to eradicating HIPAA complexities for eye care professionals across the country.”

“Abyde will give our users the opportunity to use an advanced software solution full of education, tools and resources to certify that providers have what they need to be HIPAA compliant,” said Craig Drury, VP of Customer Development at VisionWeb. “VisionWeb is so excited to partner with Abyde to give our members the best HIPAA solution on the market.”

Uprise + Abyde users will enjoy the following features:


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Download the HIPAA General Checklist to see how your practice measures up.

Download the HIPAA Checklist

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