A Video Tour of Uprise: Reduce Pre-testing Admin Tasks

We covered the patient check-in process within Uprise EHR & PM in a previous blog. Today, we're going to showcase the efficiencies that Uprise created during the pre-testing part of the appointment. This involves the tests that your technician handles as well as the preparation work that the doctor needs to do before the patient's exam starts. Sometimes the pre-testing checklist goes overlooked, but we think this is a part of the appointment where you can save up to 15 minutes if you have the best tools.

Uprise EHR and PM is designed by eyecare professionals, so you can be assured that every functionality is created to work specifically for the needs of most optometrists. Keep reading to see how Uprise can change your pretesting processes for good:

Uprise Demo Video Sneak Peek: Part 2

pretesting in nafey demo videoAccessibility

The main advantage of a cloud-based EHR is the ability to access the software from any device. Uprise specifically works on iPads and computers, streamlining the sharing of secure patient information. In terms of pre-testing, the technician can access the EHR and input the information from any device in your practice. Furthermore, the technician can fill out visual acuities and upload Optomap/visual field screening screenshots. Your team can send patient demographic info and images back and forth without leaving the patient's profile. 

Improving the Doctor's Experience

While pre-testing is going on, the OD can view their schedule to see where the patients are in their appointments and how many are waiting in the practice. Ahead of the exam, the OD can view notes about their patient's lifestyle, medications, and allergies. In order to prepare the materials for necessary screenings, the OD can check the exam type and visit reason during pretesting and get a snapshot of their history by viewing the type of exam the patient has been in for previously.

Reduced data entry

Another reason you want complete connectivity between your devices is because it reduces exam time. The exam template is preloaded with information from the pretesting technician within one screen. Also, exam templates are customizable so you can order them based on your frequency of use. Before the patient enters the exam room, you can review the patient questionnaire, populate family history into their profile, and cross-check medications. Uprise is partnered with Surescripts so you don't need to manually input medications each time, which saves about 15 minutes alone in data entry for geriatric patients.

Watch the full demo video here.

Watch the Dr. to Dr. Demo

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