A Video Tour of Uprise: An Efficient Exam Lane

Now that we have a better understanding of the Patient Check- In and Pre-Testing process covered in previous blogs, let’s move forward to the Exam Lane portion of the appointment using the built in EHR designed by doctors for doctors.

The exam section is a time for the optometrist to physically examine the patient to properly document findings to create prescriptions and or diagnosis. Today, we will discover how Uprise’s customizable templates, contact lens integrations and treatment code mapping can not only save the provider time, but cut down appointment time for the patient as well.

Uprise Demo Video Sneak Peek: Part 3

Nafey Demo Video gifs (1)Customizable Templates

In our Demo Video, the doctor speaks about having the predefined templates within the exam template overall saves time and is more efficient for the provider. He demonstrates with a few easy clicks that he can mark several findings as normal and can move forward with the exam. This gives the provider time to focus more on patient care and relationship building as opposed to a traditional paper approach. With the traditional paper forms, it is not as seamless of a process and can prolong wait time.

Contact Lens Ordering
After the doctor has gathered the prescription data and has imported their findings using a digital refractive system, they can now finalize contact lens prescriptions. Uprise updates and maintains over 400,000 contact lenses, eliminating the need for Tyler’s Quarterly or any parameter guide. By removing this step, it reduces the chances for error or rework. Also, you can print all final prescriptions on the same screen and uploaded to the patient’s portal so they’re able to access their prescription at their convenience.
Treatment Code Mapping
Now the physical portion of the exam has finished and the doctor has recorded all their results. If there are any abnormal finding or areas of concern, Uprise automatically provides treatment code plans based on common diagnoses. Treatment code mapping is when doctors input the subjective and objective findings of the assessment and then the plan is automated and populates the diagnosis and treatment plan. This eliminates the hassle to write and create a plan for each patient with similar diagnosis.

Watch the full tour of Uprise EHR & PM here.

Watch the Dr. to Dr. Demo

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