How an All-In-One Optometric Software Will Make You More Efficient

Every eyecare practice is different. Some practices might use a practice management system for scheduling and billing, but still record patient records on paper. While other offices might utilize an EHR to manage patient files, but prefer to manage their office tasks on their own. Or, you can choose to integrate a practice management system with a totally separate EHR software. Then, there are solutions availabe that serve as an all-in-one solution that have both pieces of the puzzle, practice management and EHR.

While it might not be the best optometric software option for everyone, an all-in-one solution will save you and your staff time throughout your daily workflow. And, you don't have to worry about the painful integration process of integrating two separate systems.

optometric software5 Ways an All-In-One Optometric Software Will Make You and Your Staff More Efficient

Less Data Entry

You're going to minimize, or even eliminate, any duplicate data entry with an all-in-one solution. Everything that you record before the appointment and during the appointment will synchronize with that patient's file throughout the appointment. For example, if before the appointment you record a medication allergy you'll already have it listed in the system when you reach the point of assigning any prescriptions at the end of the exam.

Easy Access to Your Data

If your practice management and EHR system is cloud-based you'll have access to both your scheduler and patient files from anywhere with an Internet connection. So, if something comes up and you can't make it into work one day you'll be able to check over your schedule and patients from home to see what appointments need to be canceled and who can be seen by someone else in your office. If your patient records are on paper in your office, you won't have the luxury of viewing this information from home.

No More Paper

Along with being able to access your records from out of the office, if you move to a practice management and EHR solution, you'll be able to get rid of your paper files once and for all, and free up much needed space in your office. No more sifting through files to find what you're looking for. With most softwares you'll be able to easily search and filter for the information that you're searching for. On top of that, depending on the size of your practice, the space you free up could be used for a larger waiting room or dispensary!


ePrescribing is a feature that comes with some practice management and EHR solutions. As we mentioned earlier, with an integrated solution, your patient information is going to synchronize so that by the time you get to filling out prescription information, most of the patient information will already be there! Plus, it's a much easier and more efficient method of filling prescriptions than the old school way of calling or faxing them in.

Decreased Amount of Phone Calls

If you're lucky, your practice management and EHR will come with a patient portal. Patient portals are a great way to help reduce the number of phone calls your office takes in each day. And, the more phone calls that you can avoid, the more time your staff will have to spend with face-to-face customers in your practice. Patient portals give your patients access to things like treatment instructions, education materials, pre-appointment questionnaires, medical history, lab results, and appointment requests.

Take a look inside our all-in-one optometric software and see if it's a good fit for your practice.

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