How Cloud Based EHR Software Can Benefit Your Retail Practice

At a retail practice, you typically don’t have a lot of control over the frames being sold or the promotions being advertised, however, you may be able to choose the EHR software that you use.

If you don’t have a lot of control over the factors that affect how your patients view you and the retail practice you work for, then you need to ensure that you’re providing your patients with enhanced care. With a cloud based EHR software solution, a retail eyecare professional can take patient care into their own hands and set the tone for the rest of the practice.

Below are three reasons why a retail optometrist needs cloud based EHR software.

Why Retail Optometrists Need a Cloud Based EHR

To Provide Better Patient Care

At a retail eyecare practice, the way you interact with your patients during the exam needs to result in optimal patient satisfaction. With a cloud based EHR solution, your practice can deliver enhanced patient care by:Use cloud based EHR software and embedded tools to improve your retail practice.

  • Maintaining focus with the patient while using the voice dictation feature to record patient findings on an iPad
  • Accessing the patient files securely from wherever you have Internet access
  • Sharing patient information quickly and securely with other healthcare professionals to streamline referrals, or communication with the patient through the patient portal
  • Changing the exam type on the fly to bring up different processes and exam fields

To Promote Office Workflow Efficiency

Your workflow may not be as optimized as you want it. Instructions from retail executives may be impeding the way your front office staff and optical techs move your patients through the office workflow. However, when the patient lands in the exam line, this is your time to shine.

To make-up for sluggish workflow times at the front desk and pre-exam lane, you can use embedded features from your cloud based EHR software to promote office workflow efficiency by:

  • Populating previously recorded patient data and product specific information into related fields
  • Matching treatment plans and ICD 10 codes with the corresponding diagnosis to automatically suggest procedures, orders, and special tests
  • Charting the physical exam through text or graphical annotations

To Offer Personalized Education

Yes, the benefits of a cloud based EHR software solution are impressive for the OD, but let’s get back to what really matters, the patient.

Some cloud based EHR solutions come embedded with patient education tools that will generate educational materials based on the primary diagnosis that you selected. You can then share these video, audio, and text materials with your patient in the exam room or through the patient portal.

Can your retail practice benefit from a cloud based EHR software solution? Download our optometry software buying guide for tips on selecting a practice management and EHR solution.

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