How To Increase Your Daily Patient Count Without Extending Hours Using Optometry Software

In an optometric practice, the need to see more patients throughout the day can mean sacrificing your work-life balance by extending work hours or decreasing the quality of care delivered to patients—both being undesirable options. But, as eye care professionals are being pressed to add more patients to their schedule to increase revenue, another option has been created; streamlining your office workflow using an all-inclusive optometry software solution.

The amount of time it takes your practices to efficiently and effectively move a patient through your optometric practice could restrict the number of patients you can see in a single day. But, by using an all-in-one optometry software solution, you can work to streamline your office workflow to eliminate time-consuming tasks that complicate the patient’s journey and keep your practice from seeing more patients in the given time.

How Optometry Software Can Maximize Patient Count

Decreasing Disorganized Hand-offsHow Optometry Software Can Maximize Patient Count

Patient hand offs can be complicated if done incorrectly. In addition, when the hand off is rushed or not done correctly, then information about the patient, their needs, and their situation may be missed.

When you decrease inefficient hand offs, you improve your staffs ability to move the patient through the practice and increase chance of the patient purchasing frames from your optical lab.

Optometry software can assist in decreasing the inefficient hand offs by providing up-to-date information that is accessible wherever there is a tablet or computer with an internet connection.

Optimize the Exam

The exam lane in the optometric practice can take the most time. While it’s important not to rush the exam, you also don’t want to take more time than is needed. Using a complete optometry software solution enables an OD to review the patient data and document the exam using quick-touch technology.

When you optimize the exam using technology, you can quickly, and accurately move from patient to patient without having to switch between software applications or turn your back on the patient.

Automating Error-prone Tasks

Manual data entry is inefficient, error-prone, and avoidable. Your patients and your staff spend a lot of time filling out forms and re-entering data across numerous fields. Because manual data entry can introduce costly errors, optometry software vendors automate the dissemination of the data across different functions of the software to ensure the information is accurately recorded and instantly available to be reviewed by the OD and office staff.

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