How To Use Optometry Software To Delight Your Patients

A successful optometric practice revolves around ensuring that patients are happy and provided with optimal care. According to one article, it can cost 5x more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Because patient retention is more cost effective than patient acquisition, most optometric practices need to shift focus to delighting their current patient base.

Below are a few ways you use optometry software to delight your current patient base and keep them coming back to your practice.

3 Ways To Keep Your Patients Coming Back Using Optometry Software

Send Personalized Recall MessagesDiscover how you can use optometry software to increase patient satisfaction and retention

If you want your patients to keep coming back, you need a good recall message that reminds them of any upcoming appointments. With personalized recall messages, you can strengthen the relationship with your patient by making the message more conversational.

For more tips on creating optimized recall messages, check out these optometric tips:

Shorten The Appointment Duration

Another way to keep your patients coming back to your optometric practice is to shorten the duration of your patient’s appointment without decreasing the quality of care. Reducing the amount of time that a patient spends in your practice will not only make your patients happier, but it will also help you grow by allowing you to see more patients throughout the day.

Using cloud-based practice management and EHR software with embedded tools will enable you to streamline your office workflow and decrease the appointment duration so your patient can get on with their day and you can optimize your patient schedule.

Create Secure Accessibility

The internet has enabled medical professionals the ability to enhance patient care. One way the internet has enhanced patient care is by providing patients with more accessibility to their doctor and their staff through a patient portal that connects to cloud-based practice management and EHR software. With a patient portal, your patients can manage their health records, schedule appointments, communicate with you or your staff, fill out pre-appointment paperwork ahead of time, and view patient education materials based on best practices.

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