How to Take the Fear Out of an EHR Software Implementation

Spiders? Check. Heights? Check. Snakes? Check, check, check! Changing up your optometric software? Oddly specific, but no. When it comes to implementing EHR software into your optical practice, the fear of change can cripple your team's productivity. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s Halloween, there’s enough to be afraid of already. Put your staff at ease with these software implementation tips to eliminate their fear of change.

What Not To Do During a EHR Software Implementation

Use the Element of SurpriseTake the fear out of your EHR software implementation

I’m sure you know the feeling. You’re watching a movie, the music starts to intensify, your heart starts racing, and you know something is going to happen. Then. Nothing. Then. BAM! Your popcorn goes flying and you yell some obscenities. Next thing you know the usher is escorting you out of the theater.

The element of surprise is very effective in thrillers, but it isn’t effective in implementing EHR software for your optometric practice. When a change is being discussed, it’s important to be open and involve your staff in the decision making. Getting staff buy-in will remove the element of surprise and will help ease your staff into the idea of change.

Be a Lone Wolf

You know it’s bad news when a group splits up to investigate a mystery. While splitting up can help cover more ground, it can also lead you to dealing with challenges on your own. When you’re going through a new optometric software implementation, stay close to the training team and the path they’re guiding you on. If you have questions, make sure you ask them.

Speed into the Change

You’re not in a haunted house, there’s no reason to race through the EHR software implementation. Once the software is live, it doesn’t mean that you should cut over immediately. Take things slow, ease into the workflow changes by making subtle changes over time. For example, you can start electronically charting by implementing a few different criteria, including:

  • New patients
  • Certain exam types
  • One patient per day

Want more tips on how to successfully implement EHR software in your practice? Download this mini guide.

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