The Ultimate Guide to Making Changes in Your Eyecare Practice


No matter how beneficial and necessary, changing from your current, comfortable routine is daunting. 

Whether you're switching from paper to EHR, looking for a new practice management solution, or anticipating any other type of change, we have plenty of years of advice to guide you through the process.

Read on for our top blogs, ebooks, and other resources to answer pressing change management questions from ODs and staff alike.

Change is Good: From Technology to New HiresCHANGE MANAGEMENT BLOG IMAGE

Planning is the key to making sure that a new project or direction for your practice goes as smoothly as possible. Although some growing pains and errors are expected, we hope we can help remind you why you're initiating change and help you feel confident in your decision to make new commitments. We've organized our resources by the top concerns below.

What should I expect when switching software?

If you're specifically switching to a new EHR software, here are the most common challenges and solutions we experience with this process. They include making sure your staff is on board, setting aside ample training time, and notifying your patients of the shift. Hopefully, you can go into the implementation period feeling prepared for the worst and expecting the best.

For ODs who have just decided to make the switch to EHR from paper records, we've created an ebook on modern software to get you excited about the big change and inform you about every step you'll need to take.

How do I prepare my practice?

Use this map from our eBook on EHR implementation to navigate the four major phases of practice preparation. Our Uprise implementation team uses these four phases to make sure new customers can plan ahead to migrate their existing data, inform their staff and patients, and leave room for practice. 

What if my staff is resistant or hesitant?

Downloading our full EHR implementation ebook can calm most of your fears about how to get your staff ready to change their workflows and processes. Our ebook focuses on how effective training and access to information can assuage yours and your staff's fears about initiating big changes in your practice. Choose your pack leader, most likely your office manager, as a point man for your staff to look to with concerns, questions, and clarification.

When it comes to any big improvements or new hires in your practice, not just software changes, make sure you are always rewarding staff members who are pioneers for change. You want to make your employees feel valued so that they stay with your practice throughout any transition periods. Read our blog for how to reward your stellar staff here.

What if something goes wrong?

A fear of making mistakes shouldn't stop you from attempting to grow your practice. However, we understand these things are easier said than done, so we've anticipated what could go wrong. These are the avoidable roadblocks that prevent change from going smoothly. We examined the major aspects of ineffective change management so that you can avoid making the same mistakes. We also present you with solutions and techniques to avoid resistance, confusion, or unsustainable workflows in your optometry practice.

If your practice is gearing up to make a big change in its EHR or practice management software, our small guide may calm any jitters.

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