How to Use EHR Software to Cope With Difficult Patients


You love your patients; you really do, because they are all wonderful people. BUT, there is always going to be a few patients that can drive you up a wall. You know, the ones that always seem to come in on the worst days. The ones who really exemplify all the reasons you want an EHR software with a patient portal,so that they can take care of their paperwork before coming in, and check out all of your diagnosis and education materials online, from home. Yeah, those patients. Well, we have put together a brief compilation of GIFs to personify some of these difficult patients for you.

Why a Patient Portal Makes EHR Software Better

The one that thinks you’re actually their therapist and tells you everything that is happening in their life, good and bad.


"Can I just check out your eyes now?"

The one who just wants to be in and out of your office-- none of this chit-chatting nonsense. They do not have time for small talk, they are on a time crunch. 


Do you know how hard it was to fit this appointment in their busy schedule?

How a patient portal will help: Patient portals allow your patients to schedule appointments online, without having to pick up the phone and call your office!

The one who knows it all. They do not really need your diagnosis, Wikipedia has their back—and they will argue with whatever you say when you suggest a different approach to their problem.


Gee, if you're sure that's really what is wrong... I guess my education is no match for WebMD...

How a patient portal will help: If your patient is acting stubborn in your office, a patient portal will give them access to their diagnosis along with educational materials after they leave your office. So when they settle down and want to take your advice, they can find it all online without having to call you back!

The one you want to just hide from. You see them in the waiting room and want to hide in a cupboard until they’re gone.


They're nice people, but some days you just can't handle them.

How a patient portal will help: Your patients will be able to fill out medical history and questionnaires online before their appointment. That way, they are spending the least amount of time possible in your office!

The one who thinks they’re hilarious. Okay, we’ve had enough dad jokes for one visit.


The one who thinks your waiting room is a daycare center, and brings all of their children along to wreck havoc while in their appointment. 


Hey. Hey. Hey. Look what I can do!

The one who doesn't do anything alone. It's just really hard to be separated for that long.


"Honey, you don't need glasses! I'll always be there to read things for you!"  

How a patient portal will help: A patient portal is really just another avenue of communication between you and your patients, so they'll never have to feel alone.

The one who thinks they are entitled to special treatment. Whether they're thirty minutes late or just looking for discounts, they always feel like you're out to get them. 


"Wait, you mean my insurance doesn't cover the entire cost of the pair of glasses I want?"

But, you can do it! And you know you can, because you love your job and your patients - even with all of their quirks.


Make your life easier by giving your patients access to their information! Check out Uprise, Practice Management & EHR software dedicated to providing a premier experience for your office and patients.

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