How to Use Optical Resources to Market Your Practice for National Eye Exam Month

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Wed, Jun 22, 2016 @ 12:06 PM

This month's post from our friends at The Optical Vision Site will help you prepare for August - National Eye Exam Month. August can be a busy month for eyecare practices as many parents are preparing their kids for back to school, but marketing National Eye Exam month is another great way to keep your practice busy in August and the months following as patients schedule appointments. Check out these optical resources from The Optical Vision Site to get ideas for promoting it in your practice.

Optical Resources: Top Marketing Tips for National Eye Exam Month

Normally, we post events during the month of the event, but National Eye Exam month in August is too important to not be prepared. The message you have to send your patients is about preventative care, not new glasses. Eye exams can detect serious medical conditions such as brain tumors, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. And, August is also Back to School month

Over the last year we have posted on Facebook stories about reasons your patients should be getting an eye exam. Check them out here on our original post.Today, we are just going to share our top marketing tips that you can apply to your practice's marketing strategy for the month of August. 

1. Have a trunk show to increase the amount of eye exams on your schedule. This could be a back to school trunk show specifically for kids.

2. Post eye healthy recipes on social media.

3. Post a "Reasons to Have Your Eyes Examined" on social media.

4. Update your website or blog on the important of preventative eye health.

5. Merchandise your office and dispensary to promote Healthy Sight.

6. Reach out to the community, school, and local businesses and offer a discount on eye exams scheduled in August.

7. Write an article for local press about the importance of annual eye exams, and some of the life saving discoveries you have made because of annual comprehensive eye exams.

8. Place signage in the office on what a comprehensive eye exam is and why it is important (see infographic example below).

9. Address the comment everybody makes, "I only need glasses to read."

10. Focus on preventative medicine and total mind and body health. 

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For more helpful information on marketing your practice, visit The Optical Vision Site.

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