Optometry News: ICD-10 Code Update for 2020


It's that time of year again. Insurance code updates have been released every year since the inception of ICD-10 in 2015. 

If you haven't yet heard, the new ICD-10 codes for 2020 went into effect on October 1st. We wanted to make sure you were aware of the changes so that you don't experience any errors. The Center for Disease Control made 273 additions, 21 deletions, and 30 revisions. We encourage you to access the full CDC release here.

Important ICD-10 Changes for 2020

Aside from making sure your biller or outsourced billing service is aware of the deletions and revisions, it's important that ODs are aware of the code changes. You'll want to reduce errors because they usually lead to resubmission and delayed payments.

Although not all of the codes are relevant for your practice, you'll want to comb through the changes to see if your frequently used codes have been changed. Most cloud-based software will automatically incorporate the new and revised codes into the system for you. However, we encourage you to confirm with your practice management vendor that your software is up-to-date. Especially if you're on a server-based system, there might be extra steps you have to follow.

Luckily you won't need to undergo any online training for this update. However, you can use this online training for new employees who might need to become familiar with the codes.

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