Improving Your EHR Workflow in Under 200 Words

Making improvements to your EHR workflow should come quick and easy, and we've got several ideas for improving your workflow in just under 200 words.

Pump Up Every Aspect of Your EHR Workflow with These Quick Tips

EHR Workflow

Front Office: This is where the workflow starts, so don't let it get off on the wrong foot.

Pre-Exam: Let your tech become your OD's BFF and adjust your pre-exam flow with these two tips.

Exam Lane: In order for a smooth exam lane workflow you need specific EHR software features to help you achieve a great patient experience.

Claims Management: Getting reimbursed for your appointments is a crucial part of practice success. Don't let yourself suffer from a disjointed claims management process.

Patient Flow: This template can help you evaluate your own practice workflow and help determine where bottlenecks might be occuring.

HIPAA Compliance: No matter where you are in your workflow you need to make sure that your system and your staff are maintaining the highest security standards.

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