Infographic: The Growth of EHR Software Implementation

EHR software adoption has been increasing as the years go on. While it can be a challenging thing for any healthcare specialty to take on, there are a lot of benefits that follow a successful implementation. Today's guest post and infographic comes from The Ohio University MHA Program, and shows you how healthcare as a whole is adopting EHR along with 9 steps for a successful implementation. 

EHR Software Adoption and Implemenation

Better data accessibility, improved staff collaboration, and greater patient engagement - what's not to love about adopting a new EHR software?

Unfortunately, the answer can turn out to be "a lot" when your organization isn't prepared for the challenges of implementing new EHR sofftware. While EHRs can improve data management, haphazard implementation can lead to plenty of frustration and a serious lack of ROI. 

Worse still, staff who aren't properly trained in the use of EHRs are more likely to incur penalties from HIPAA violations. This poses extraordinary risks to smaller medical offices with little to no familiarity with these systems, especially since small healthcare organizations are widely predicted to experience the highest EHR growth throughout the upcoming decade. 

Businesses planning to adopt an EHR need to juggle a wide range of considerations including planning, budgeting, training, staffing, and more before launch day. To help guide buisnesses through the process of implementation, the Health Resources and Services Administration outlined nine steps for successful EHR implemenation. 

You can find these steps, along with stats and facts about the meaningful use initiative, illustrated in the infographic below. 


EHR software implementation
Created by The Ohio University MHA Program

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