Why You Need a Certified Optical Practice Management System

You may have heard a thing or two about certified optical practice management systems and EHRs especially when it comes to 2014 Meaningful Use requirements. Certified practice management and EHR systems have been tested by a federally approved certification organization through the vendor. They meet all government requirements, and offer the technological capability, functionality, and most importantly, security to meet all Meaningful Use criteria. But for today, let’s take a step back and talk about how a certified system can be a good investment for every aspect of your practice, and not just for Meaningful Use!

How a Certified Optical Practice Management System and EHR Can Make a Difference in Your Practice!

Technology is transforming our daily lives and it’s time to see what it can do for your practice. Certified EHRs can offer much more than what paper records can, and it’s not just about participating in Meaningful Use. It improves overall patient care and can help increase practice revenue in the long run. And, a certified EHR makes sure that you are able to do all of that and be compliant with the government’s standards for Meaningful Use at the same time.

Optical Practice Management System

Improve the quality of patient care by:

  • Reducing the risk of medical errors and increasing accuracy of diagnosis
  • Making better decisions through clinical decision support
  • Improving care coordination within the healthcare industry
  • Engaging patients with information about their health

Increase practice efficiency by:

  • Streamlining your workflow
  • Reducing data entry in the long run
  • Increasing revenue by reducing billing errors and cutting down on mundane administrative tasks

EHRs also have a high level of interoperability that allows patient information to be shared easily, but securely, across healthcare specialties to provide a higher level of coordinated patient care. The ability to share this information across specialties will save both you and your patient time, and provide a more cohesive healthcare experience.

If you are not interested in the Meaningful Use Program, but would like to join organizations like ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) or PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Homes), you will need a certified EHR system to be eligible for membership and the benefits of these organizations.

Moving from a paper practice to an EHR is going to be a big change and the journey may not be an easy one. But when you start seeing the benefits it can bring your practice, you’ll be thankful for a certified system!

Looking for a certified system for your practice? Check out Uprise, our cloud-based practice management and EHR system that is 2014 certified! 

Uprise Eyecare Practice Management
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