Building Your Customer Base With Eyecare Practice Management Software

Maintaining and building your customer base is one of an eyecare practice's biggest goals. eyecare practice management softwareAnd, you've probably got some competition with other eyecare providers in your area. So what can you be doing to help build your customer base, and not lose any current customers to the competition?

Having healthy doctor-patient relationships with your customers is a big part of keeping your customers happy. Have you thought about how your eyecare practice management software plays a roll in helping you keep and gain new customers?

How Eyecare Practice Management Software Helps You Keep Customers

Increases the Efficiency of Your Workflow

Your office probably crams in as many patients as possibly everyday of the week, but this can get hectic and it's easy for your schedule to fall behind if it is packed too full. With the right practice management and EHR software, you can boost the efficiency of your workflow making it easier to shuffle patients through their appointments faster, all while maintaining a high level of patient care. Before you go out looking for a new practice management and EHR software, think about the workflow and the needs of your office. Would it be easier to access your system from a tablet so that you can carry it with you from room to room and pull up patient information with the tap of a button? When it's all said and done, greater efficiency in your practice workflow is going to equal more satisfied patients.

eyecare practice management softwareAccess to Educational Materials and a Patient Portal

These days, patients are looking to take more control over their healthcare. Access to a patient portal is a great way to provide information and resources to help patients take control. With a patient portal, your patients will be able to log into their medical profile at anytime giving them access to things like appointment requests, personal information, prescriptions, treatment instructions, questionnaires, educational materials, and lab results. Patients will also get access to any referrals given by the healthcare provider to ensure an easier and quicker follow up process with specialists. Patient portals really empower patients to become more involved with healthcare professionals throughout the entire process.

Integrate Your Online Ordering

When patients come in for new frames and contacts, they usually want them as fast as they can get them. So don't make them wait. If you integrate an online ordering tool with your eyecare practice management software, all of your orders can be placed and tracked from one convenient location. With Visionweb's online ordering tool, your lab orders are going to be sent straight into the lab's management system, which will put your orders ahead of phone and fax orders that have to manually be entered into their system. This is also going to reduce the chance of human error on orders that have to be transcribed multiple times. Getting your orders back faster is a simply way to help keep your customers smiling!

We know each practice has different needs when it comes to looking for a practice management and EHR solution. Check out this eBook, Selecting a Practice Management & EHR solution: The Ultimate Guide for Optometry, for help on picking out the right solution for you!


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