EHR Implementation: A Guide for Change Management [New eBook]

Is your practice facing the challenges of EHR implementation? Change can be a scary thing for many. In fact, you might already be facing some resistance in your practice with the new system. Think of the implementation process as a camping trip you’re going to take with your staff. Some people might love the adventure, while others fear it.

We want to equip all office managers to take on the responsibility of a pack leader who will navigate their team through the implementation journey, so we created this eBook with office managers in mind, and we’ll show you to how to:

  • Prepare for Change Management
  • Get Yourself Ready for EHR implementation
  • Get Your Practice Ready for Change
  • Maximize Training
  • Go-live Successfully

We’ve even included an implementation kit to help you get started! Download our eBook to find out more! 

Getting You and Your Practice Ready for EHR Implementation:

Download The Ultimate Guide
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