[Infographic] Tips For Improving Your Optometric Practice Word-of-mouth Marketing Strategy


Word-of-mouth marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies for your optometric practice. According to this infographic from IMPACT, 92% of people believe brand recommendations from friends.

Unfortunately getting your patients to promote your practice can be challenging. First, you have to identify loyal patients who are can recognize and appreciate the benefits your practice offers, then you'll need to approach them with incentive to spread the word. Check out this infographic from IMPACT for tips on how you can effectively create a word-of-mouth marketing strategy for your optometric practice.

Improving Your Optometric Practice Word-of-mouth Marketing Strategy 

Word-of-Mouth Infographic from IMPACT

 Credit: IMPACT

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on May 28, 2018. It has been updated for relevance and richness of content on July 1, 2019.
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