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Sometimes, the best candidate for your front desk may have experience in customer service, but not be familiar with handling insurance or vice versa. Maybe you should build your existing team's skills so that they can expertly navigate all front desk issues.

Have you ever wondered if there's a training program that can provide insurance claim management education for your front desk staff as well as customer service training? We did a bit of research for online tools that could help you build a powerhouse team of front desk employees without years of experience.

To see if online courses or insight is an option for your practice, keep reading.

Easy Training for Your Front Desk Staff

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American Optometric Association

All AOA member ODs are eligible to enroll their staff for free Associate membership on the AOA website. Behind login, AOA provides videos explaining the role of the front desk staff. They have a special resource center to help you hire and train your optometric staff to climb the career ladder. ODs can find out more about how their resources and training materials help front desk staff, technicians, office managers, and billers on their site.

Vision Source

Vision Source members have access to continuing education for themselves as well as their staff. You can utilize the online staff training tools available to all new members, too. Some of their training might not be digital, but it is guaranteed to be of high quality. Even sending your staff somewhere else for their CE courses could be useful if it acts as a team-bonding event and evens out their training.

Industry Blogs

In addition to subscribing your practice to the Uprise blog, you can compile helpful front-desk techniques from Review of Optometric Business and Vision Monday articles. Although this route requires more legwork on your part, it costs practically nothing. Create a handbook with printouts of the top articles on communicating difficult news with patients, professionally handling complaints and mistakes, and organizing secure patient information. This way, all new staff members can have a resource to refer to.

Our ebook, Expert Staff Management in Eyecare, can help you train new staff and cross-train existing team members.


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