Optimizing Your Billing and Claims Workflow with EHR Software

In order to optimize your workflow and maximize your practice’s profit margin, it's important to consistently work towards getting paid and reimbursed as quickly as possible. If your practice is struggling with this, our latest eBook will help kick your billing department into shape (along with the rest of your workflow for that matter), and help you get closer to collecting any money that is currently due to you.

Using an EHR system alongside a solid plan of action will begin clearing your practice’s accounts receivable.

Modern EHR software systems, and this eBook, employ a host of new methods for making your practice’s collections process more efficient and updated. EHR software can help organize and speed-up submitting claims, tracking claims, and posting ERA’s. In today’s age, technology is now a part of any medical visit, so if you’re still not using an EHR system you could find your practice falling behind the competition much quicker than you'd expect. Download the e-Book and find the right mix of strategy and technology to make a change in your practice’s claims process today!

How the Right EHR Software will Optimize Your Billing Workflow

We've got a few tips and features of things to look out for in an EHR software that will help make improvements to your billing cycle! Find out what's important to have when it comes to submitting claims, tracking, and posting ERAs.

Submitting ClaimsEHR software

  • Claim uploading directly from your practice management system
  • Automatic error-checking features to make sure your claims are submitted right the first time
  • Directly upload primary and secondary claim information
  • Generate and validate codes at the exam level within the EHR
  • Review CCI edits
  • Use electronic claims filing with EFT (electronic funds transfer)

Tracking Claims

  • Track claims online, in real time with constant updates
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • File summary reports and batch and claim level rejection reports
  • Track patient co-pays and other payments (including delinquent payments)

Posting ERA’s

  • Interpret remittance information received from your payers
  • Details of the claim automatically post in your system for review and adjustments
  • File secondary claims
  • Record write offs
  • Transfer balances from insurance to patients

One of the easiest ways to improve your practice’s workflow is through a more efficient billing and claims process. When searching for new EHR software, remember to keep submitting claims, tracking claims, and posting ERA’s at the top of your priorities. We've made a billing kit so that you don't miss any important revenue.


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