Paging Systems for Better Handoffs and Office Workflow

A common struggle in many eyecare practices is managing efficient patient handoffs. Depending on the layout of your practice, patient flow, and team members the handoff can vary from practice to practice. In many cases, having some type of notification system between your staff is the most efficient and seamless way to hand patients off throughout their appointment. What system has your practice found to be the most successful?

We've found a few different strategies and systems that are worth a shot if your practice has been struggling with handoffs.

6 Ideas For an Efficient Office Workflow and Patient Handoffs

Instant Messaging ServiceHiRes (5).jpg

If most of your team sits in front of computers or tablets, a simple instant messaging service such as Slack, Skype, or Google Hangouts could be an easy solution for stronger handoffs. Instant messages can be effective because they cause limited distractions and typically go unnoticed by patients, making the handoff seamless. 

Smart Watches

Wearable technology, like smart watches, can take your instant messaging to a more mobile level. If your team isn't always in front of their screen, a smart watch can give them the notifications they need when they are on the go around the office.

BlueNote Software

This system is made specifically for intra-office communications. One-click communications in a busy practice allow you to alert staff to a ready patient, a new arrival in the reception room, or to bring an assistant into the exam. BlueNote has customizable notifications and complete visibility throughout the office. You don't need a server or Internet connection, install takes only a few minutes, and it can be set up easily without IT help.

Comlite Paging Software

Similar to BlueNote Software, Comlite is system made for intra-office communication. Comlite provides a real-time snapshot of staff and patient activity throughout the office at any given time. You can communicate by using light buttons and audible chimes to represent people, tasks, and locations. Watch a quick video of how the system could work in your office. 

Basic Pager System

Another route that many practices take is the use of a basic pager system. This would be similar to the paging systems used at restaurants to notify you when your table is ready, but a version modified specifically for use in a healthcare setting. Most paging systems come with a variety of customizable options to meet your practice's specific needs allowing you to choose between simple button call pages to something more integrated that can grow with your practice. Check out the variety of paging options from Jtech

Wireless Doorbell

A wireless doorbell can also be used throughout different areas of your practice to notify staff members with a light or sound when they are needed. Wireless doorbell packages can easily be purchased online at a reasonable price, making it an easy option to test out and see how it fits with your practice situation.

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Originally published in July 2017

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