Should You Give Your Optometric Practice Management One More Chance?

Posted by Sharon Chin on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 10:11 AM

How well do you get along with your practice management and EHR system? Most of you will probably say that your relationship could be better. Just like any relationship, working with your system will take some hard work by both parties. But some relationships just can’t be fixed and you’re better off breaking up. So on top of shopping for friends and family this holiday season, maybe it’s time to treat yourself and your practice to a new optometric practice management and EHR software. But before you make that decision, ask yourself the following questions to see if your current system deserves a second chance.

Keep or Ditch: Questions for You and Your Optometric Practice Management System

When was the last time you didn’t get a headache from dealing with IT hassles?

If you are currently on a client-server practice management system, you’re probably dealing with constant IT maintenance when it comes to software updates, back-ups, and security measures. So, when was the last time you didn’t dread going into the server room? In fact, has there ever been a time when you looked forward to working with the technical requirements of maintain your client-server software?

Does it allow you to hang out with other devices?


You wouldn’t want a clingy, overly attached date. So why would you want to work with an “overly attached” software? Does your software allow you to use different platforms and devices? Client-server and cloud-hosted systems only allow you to access the system on the device it was installed on. You should have the freedom to take your work home and work from anywhere you want. Cloud-based systems only require you to have a browser, so it is accessible from multiple platforms and devices. And, you’ll be able to use those devices anywhere with an Internet connection - no commitment to a device needed!

How often does it ask you for money?

Your partner should be spoiled occasionally. But it’s not a habit to encourage frequently, especially if you’re spending it on unnecessary items. Same for client-server systems that can get really costly. When you made your purchase, you probably forked out heavy upfront cost for the servers and equipment, but you found that the spending didn't stop there. Every time an update becomes available, you might be required to purchase the upgrade. And with updates, come new system requirements. If your current equipment is not compatible with the new technical requirements, you’ll have to be ready to part with more money to spend on new devices. Calculate your total cost of ownership. You may find that your current solution might not be worth all the money that you have/will have to put into it.

Do you like the way it’s been treating you?

A lot of us look for a supportive partner who will be there for us through thick and thin. And just like working through a relationship, implementing and getting used to a new system has its ups and downs. How supportive has your EHR vendor been? Are they attentive to your needs and there to help you fix problems you encountered with the system? If the customer support team hasn’t lived up to your expectations, it can be hard to establish a long, trusting relationship. If you’re unhappy with the relationship, and the vendor has not shown willingness to work on it, it probably doesn’t deserve another chance and it could be time to start looking for another system.

Don’t think that your system deserves another chance? Start shopping for a system that you deserve! Download our eBook to see how to pick the right solution for your practice!


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