Testimonial: How Uprise Fuels a $4 Million Practice

Dr. Kim Castleberry owns his practice in Plano, Texas. Splitting his time between the west coast and Texas, he needed a system he could access remotely that would also keep up with the growth of his practice. Instead of waiting for a solution, he teamed up with VisionWeb to help design Uprise EHR & PM to make sure that each functionality was designed specifically to be used by optometrists.

He attributes his financial success to his modern solutions, which includes Uprise. Keep reading to see how his EHR and PM system influences his workflow and practice:

How Technology Saved Dr. Castleberry $7k Annually

castleberry-1Dr. Castleberry's practice is quite large and includes 13 exam lanes, 3 optometrists, and no billing department. He worked hard to eliminate paper from his practice years ago, which saves expenses and storage space. 

Once the OD enters the exam room, the patients information and medical data are already populated in their profile and ready. When you're seeing 28 patients a day, all small details can make a large impact on moving patients through your office and reducing wait times. Dr. Castleberry also enjoys that it only takes him 4 clicks to correctly submit a claim within the Uprise platform. For many other ODs, they have to submit claims after the practice is closed for patients because they can't find time during exam hours.

Overall, Uprise EHR is capable of doing the heavy lifting for ODs when it comes to data entry. With duplicate entry eliminated and everything stored in the cloud, ODs have time and energy to focus on patients. Uprise also tracks MIPS in the background and automatically sends referrals for diabetic patients. Dr. Castleberry estimates he saves around $7,000 a year due to his EHR and PM system.

Watch Dr. Castleberry's Full Testimonial video:

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