Furthering Optometry Education Virtually

Most optometrists keep updated on eye health through various news sources, articles, books, events, and CE courses. However, many of us prefer learning from an in-person instructor and through live Q&A rather than simply reading source material. When in-person events aren't an option, it gives everyone an opportunity to get creative.

So, we're discussing the different ways ODs and their staff can accomplish distance learning and why it might be beneficial or even necessary.

Digital Education for Eyecare Professionals

New Staff

Training a technician, optician, or front desk associate new to the eyecare industry is time consuming. The AOA offers education videos and resources for members. Another less straightforward method is posting on ODs on Facebook or ODs on Finance or other facebook groups. This can be helpful if you just have a specific question or need for new hires like a guide for a touch-free contact lens fitting. Crowdsourcing is valuable in a tight knit community such as optometry.

Business-building Webinars

Especially those provided by industry leaders like VisionWeb, webinars are usually highly valuable for profit building and cost nothing to attend. Like many that we've offered in the past, webinars are usually held during your lunch break or after practice hours so that at least one staff member can attend and pass notes onto everyone else. Usually they're recorded or you can request the recording from the creator so that you have the information in your arsenal when you need it.

Eyecare Leaders

Other optometrists regularly hold talks on different facets of the medical side of optometry. It's useful to hear about patient care from another OD's perspective, but it's even more useful to hear about possible challenges or mistakes that other optometrists have experienced when treating new diseases or more. Many optometrists groups and associations hold digital talks and Continuing Education courses to deliver you the necessary advice, tools, and handbooks for embarking on new eyecare endeavors. 

Healthy Eyes Advantage group is covering systemic diseases for 4 LIVE COPE hours in September.

Register here.

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