NEW WEBINAR: Communication Strategies for Modern Optometry Practices

Having the right tools for your business to be successful is essential for continued growth of your eyecare practice. Creating a space for your patients to feel comfortable will lead to higher satisfaction and retention rates. One solution to achieve this goal is having an effective communication tool to quickly remind patients of appointment dates and times via text integrated within your EHR/PM system. 

Join us on June 23rd, 2022 from 12-1 pm CST to learn from Alison Mounce, Visionweb's Sales and Alliance Manager and Andrew Swensen, Partner Marketing Manager at Weave Communications for a live educational webinar on how Weave Communications can help solve challenges your practice might be facing.  

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Guest Speakers
Andrew Swensen and Alison Mounce (1)

Alison Mounce

VisionWeb's Sales and Alliance Manager
Andrew Swensen and Alison Mounce-1

Andrew Swensen

Weave Communication's Partner Marketing Manager

As mentioned, VisionWeb is partnering with Weave Communications to break down the cost of inefficient communication and how it's effecting your eyecare practice. Andrew's goal is to help small businesses create a solution to any challenges they might be facing.
Here are some highlights on what to expect from Andrew's interview:
  • The costs (time, money, and staff) of inefficient patient communication
  • The "patient loyalty" problem - why patients switch optometry offices and how they care about most who they work with 
  • The solution - an overview of tech and tools to help save time, money, and show patients you care

Join us 12pm CST on June 23rd, 2022 to watch "Ask an Expert: Communication Strategies for Modern Optometry Practices"

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