Why You Need to Focus More Time on Claim Management

If your eyecare practice accepts insurance, you have someone in your practice managing your claims processes. If you've removed yourself from the billing process and handed over responsibility to a member of your staff, you might be too far removed to see how much money your practice is missing out on from unworked rejections or claim denials. 

On the other hand, if you're taking on the responsibility of claim management yourself, rejections and denials could be getting pushed to the back burner while you wear the various other hats in your practice and focus your time on patient care. Both of these situations could be bad news for a busy practice.

Having a good claim management process in place is what gets your claims paid and money back into your pocket. Today, we want to look at a couple of reasons why you need to focus a little more attention on your claims processes in order to be getting the most from your reimbursements. 

Why Efficient Claim Management is So Important for Your Practice

You're Losing Precious Dollarsclaim management

As we touched on earlier, claim rejections that go unworked will lose your practice money. Someone on your team should be using best practices to stay on top of the claims workflow and report regularly to you so that it's easier for you to keep a steady pulse on your reimbursements and to make suggested changes when needed. 

If you have a biller that's come in from a different practice, or someone who is stuck with bad habits we have a few resources that can help get your billing back on track. Share these eBooks with your biller to help them take better control of your reimbursements:

Top 7 Reasons for Denied Claims
8 Claim Filing Habits to Say Goodbye To

Services Can Help Make it More Manageable

If you've been trying to handle the claims workflow in your practice manually, it might be time to look into a clearinghouse solution to help you better manage your billing. When there are affordable services available to you that make it easier to manage your claims there is really no reason not to take advantage of them. A clearinghouse solution will make processing claims and billing management more efficient than manual methods, and will give you what you need to perform key steps of the claim filing process.

A clearinghouse solution that you access via the web should allow you to do things like check for patient eligibility and authorization, submit claims electronically via data entry or batch upload from your practice management system, review claim status reports, real-time claim tracking, monitor reports, and access to ERA management.

Having access to these tools is going to help your biller:

  • Manage claims with thousands of payers in one location
  • Spend less time on the phone with payers
  • Quickly identify those rejected claims
  • Generate comprehensive reports to keep you in the loop

Managing your billing workflow and working claim rejections shouldn't be the most difficult part of your day. Take control of your claims processes today, and schedule a free consultation of our claims management solution today.

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