Why You Shouldn’t be Scared to Switch from Paper to EHR Software

What is your biggest fear? Statistically, the most common fears in America include spiders, confined spaces, and heights. While these might all be tangible things, a common fear that most people refuse to admit is the fear of change.

One of these changes in your eyecare practice may be adopting new EHR software. In fact, many practices still think that paper practices are the way to go. If you are still running a paper practice, you might be reluctant to switch to an EHR simply because you are so used to the current processes in place, you are afraid to change things up. However, did you know that you could be costing your practice revenue by coding inaccurately and not providing the best possible care for your patients?

Why a Certified EHR System Will Help Your Eyecare Practice

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EHR reduces the risk of medical errors and increases the accuracy of your diagnoses with the help of the clinical decision support tool that comes with most EHRs. It notifies you of implausible values and ensures that the errors are corrected before you complete the exam. Certified EHRs improve care coordination within the healthcare industry by allowing you to exchange information with doctors from other practices. If your EHR has a patient portal, you’ll be engaging your patients with information about their health by sending them their assessment, treatment options, and educational material online.

Increase Practice Efficiency

With an EHR, you won’t have to rely on separate processes to complete your workflow. Instead of calling in your prescriptions, faxing in your orders, and filing your claims through separate websites, you can complete all these tasks within your EHR, streamlining your workflow.

Enjoy Benefits from Industry Organizations

The MIPS program and other organizations such as ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) or PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Homes) offer incentives and benefits for members who participate in their programs with certified EHRs.

The fear of change should not hinder your practice from achieving more efficiency, improving patient care, and increasing your practice’s revenue. These benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Join your peers and see why they made the switch from a paper practice to an EHR software.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Oct. 23, 2014. It has been updated for relevance and richness of content on May 31, 2021.

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