4 Optical Resources Opticians are Loving This Year

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Thu, Jul 07, 2016 @ 14:07 PM

After taking a look at our readers' most read articles so far this year, it's apparent that most of you love reading about ways to improve sales in your dispensary. Which makes a lot of sense. Your dispensary is where you bring in a big portion of your revenue, so you're probably constantly looking for optical resources to help better your sales strategies, beat out your competition, and stay up to date with the latest trends. Our most popular articles will help you out with all of those things!

Must Read Optical Resources for Opticians

10 Retail Trends for Your Optical Shop in 2016optical resources

What's going on in the retail world directly ties into what's going on in your dispensary. Paying attention to current retail trends and applying those ideas to your practice is a great way to boost sales in your shop. Our favorite trends from the list include working together to stand apart, utilizing in store technology, and the power of the peer. Read the full article to get new ideas for your dispensary.

2 Minute Sales Strategies for Closing Bigger Deals

Pushing for the extra sale in your dispensary is often easier said than done. Getting patients to understand the value of eyewear and the benefits that quality products will have on their vision experience can sometimes be difficult. We've got two different sales scenarios that we will review with you to help opticians increase sales (and profits) in your dispensary. 

How Your Optical Shop Can Blow Your Online Competition Out of The Water

Online competition is a real threat for eyecare practices today. Many online companies have easier access to large marketing campaigns and lower prices, but your practice has knowledge, expertise, and quality products that online companies can't compete with. We've got three tips to help your practice use these advantages to keep customers in your dispensary. 

2 New VisionWeb Ordering Features You Need to See

If you're using VisionWeb's online ordering solution to order products for your practice, you need to see our latest updates! The latest changes will make it easier for both you, and your labs, to place and process orders.

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