Challenges That Can Be Solved With Optometry Software

Whether you’re starting out cold or are a long-time owner of an optometric practice, there are challenges that plague an optometric practices’ ability to streamline patient workflow and see more patients. Fortunately, many of the common challenges faced by optometric practices can be solved using the right optometry software.

This post reveals how optometry software can be used to solve three common challenges.

3 Challenges That Optometry Software Solves

Low Patient EngagementHow optometry software solves these three challenges in your optometric practice.

Your ability to get patients to return to your practice can be a good indicator of the success of your practice. However, when your practice relies on making phone calls and sending physical recall notices to patients, you’re wasting a lot of your staff's time.

Using a modern practice management and EHR solution, you can give your patients access to a patient portal where they can securely message you and your staff, review patient education materials, schedule appointments and more. Additionally, with the modern practice management and EHR software, you can improve patient engagement by sending automated recall messages to your patients based on their preferred form of communication.

Increasing IT Expenses

As your optometric practice grows, you begin to add new equipment and software solutions; this can get expensive as you often need to rely on outside IT consultants to make the connections, set up systems, maintain software updates, and more.

Leveraging a cloud-based, all-in-one practice management and EHR solution you can reduce IT expenses by consolidating software with the use of embedded tools, eliminate the need for bulky and expensive on-premise servers, and reduce IT support costs.

Duplicate Data Entry

A vital role in providing optimal care to your patients is documenting their journey throughout your practice. However, many optometry solutions require you to enter the same information multiple times throughout the exam.

Using clinical decision support from a modern EHR and practice management solution will help you avoid the error-prone, time-consuming manual data entry by automatically populating the diagnosis, treatment, orders, special testing, and patient education information based on best practices from a single entry made during annotation.

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