Optometry Practice Improvements under $25

Budget is probably the main reason you hesitate to purchase upgraded products for your practice. There might be a piece of furniture, a visual tool, or even patient entertainment product that you've been looking at, but haven't committed to yet. However, what if we said you don't need to spend more than $25 to upgrade your practice?

We want to share inexpensive and impactful products you can buy today to help patient or employee satisfaction. We hope there are a few things on this list that you didn't think of when buying the necessary equipment for day-to-day processes. Happy browsing!

Spend $25 to Upgrade Your Eyecare Practice

Under $25These improvements will boost morale, make the office experience enjoyable for your patients, or just elevate the quality of care you're able to offer without going over budget.

Patient Freebies

Offering entertainment and food can create a lasting impression for your patients. Offering a variety of teas ($12.69 for 48 bags) and an electric kettle ($20.99) alongside a few books, snacks, magazines, or sudoku ($10.76) puzzles might be useful. These freebies help when you have particular patients or customers who might be upset if they have to wait awhile, but a free snack or tea will help keep them calm before they enter the exam room.

Employee of the Month Award

A monthly award for high-performing employees can generate healthy competition to make sure your staff is optimizing their level of patient care. Even just a monthly $25 Starbucks giftcard could contribute to the motivation of your staff. Change the prize every month from a giftcard of their choice to maybe an extra day of PTO or a $25 contribution to an event for the whole team. 

Equipment Cleaner

For the small particles that get stuck in your equipment, an inexpensive lens cleaner ($12.99) is invaluable. You can use this to clean all your glass lenses, they work especially well for thumbprints and dust. Although these kits are made for camera lenses, they're far more effective and precise than a simple cleaning wipe or duster.


Chair cushions ($12.49 for 1) can improve the look and feel of any vinyl or wooden chair. A comfortable chair seems simple and might go overlooked in most practices, but your patients won't mind waiting as much if they're comfortable during their visit. Making your practice look like a space you've invested money and time into shows your patients that you care about their comfort as much as their health. 

Signs for Doors

Especially if your practice has many rooms, purchasing acrylic signs ($24.99) for your doors and showing patients the path to the exit can help improve the hand-off process and reduce any confusion. Seniors, children, and patients who've just been dilated would appreciate the clear directions.

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