Why Your Patients are Thankful You’re Using Online Optical Ordering

Posted by Sharon Chin on Tue, Nov 11, 2014 @ 09:11 AM

If you’re not up to speed with online optical ordering, you might be losing your customers! You may be so used to the way things have been done; you might not see a need for a change. But your practice is a business, and to keep growing your business, you need to keep your customers happy not only to retain them, but to convert them into advocates for your business. Word of mouth is powerful and you'd want them to bring friends and family in! Online ordering can do a lot for both you and your customers. See how online ordering impacts your customers.

2 Ways Online Optical Ordering Makes Your Patients Happy

You Have More Time for Them

Did you know that eyecare providers agree that online ordering cuts the time it takes to place orders over the phone into half! Imagine placing twice the amount of orders in the time you took to place orders on the phone. With more time on your hands, you get to provide better patient care. Use the time saved to help your patients with their frame selection, or even explain their insurance coverage in detail. When your patients understand their cost, they are more likely to make a confident purchase. And when you don’t have to deal with returns or changed orders, you get an accurate estimate on your reimbursements and revenue for the month. Plus, a little customer service will go a long way.

Optical_Ordering_Online-1If you are already convinced that online ordering is the way to go, you’re on the right track! But does your online ordering solution integrate with your practice management system? If yes, you’re definitely ahead of the curve. If no, remember the whole spiel about saving time above? Integrating your ordering solution with your practice management system reduces duplicate entry since everything is integrated. Data transfers over immediately and you have all your records on one place. That’s even more time saved when you’re not manually retyping all the same information in two places.

The bottom line is that online ordering saves you time. Whatever you decide to do with it is your choice. Spend more face time with your customers, use it on a vacation, or spend it on other revenue generating activities! Saving time benefits you, your staff, and your customers!

Their Orders Come in Faster 

Phoning and faxing are just unreliable. Verbal communication through the phone can break and when someone makes a mistake, you can push the blame as much as you want, but your patient will not get their orders in on time. Faxing doesn’t make it better. I can’t imagine anyone willing to spend their day figuring out illegible handwriting. Plus, who uses fax these days?

Online ordering sends the orders to the lab’s systems directly and reduces the chance of errors. VisionWeb’s ordering system also comes with error-checking features to make sure that your orders are accurate before you send them in. When these orders are sent to the lab directly, they can start working on the orders faster and you won’t have to go back and forth when someone notices a mistake. You are also able to track the status of your claims online to make sure that they orders will come in on time or earlier. Online orders come through 1-2 days faster than those made on the phone and fax. Your customers will be excited to know that their orders can be picked up quickly!

Ready to see your business grow with happy customers? Put down the phone and start placing orders online. VisionWeb’s online ordering solution is free for practices to use! Check it out today! 

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