4 Lessons Your Eyecare Practice Can Learn From The Movies

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Tue, Dec 04, 2012 @ 08:12 AM

It's that time of the year when the sun sets early and curling up under a blanket to watch a good movie makes for a perfect night. Whether you're watching an animated movie with your kids or enjoying a comedy with friends, a good movie will always teach you a few good lessons. Maybe these lessons can even help improve business at your eyecare practice. But who wants to think about work when relaxing at home with a good movie? That's why we put together a few of our favorite movie clips that can teach you valuable lessons for running your practice!

Lesson #1 Happy Customers = More Customers
Movie: Beauty & the Beast

Word of mouth is one of the biggest influencers for buyers these days, whether it is from friends and family, or online reviews. So, providing quality service to keep your customers happy is one of the best ways to gain new customers. With VisionWeb's Optical Ordering Service you'll keep your customers happy because orders placed to labs online are returned a full 1-2 days faster than orders place via phone or fax! On top of that, order status can be checked online 24/7, giving you more time to spend with patients and less time spent on the phone.

Lesson #2 Technology Should Be Your Best Friend
Movie: Office Space

WARNING! Potentially NSFW language in music!


If you haven't done this to your fax machine, it's time. There are much more efficient ways to get information from one destination to the next. Don't be afraid of technology; embrace it! Don't waste time phone or faxing, or by visiting multiple sites to place orders. VisionWeb's network of over 400 optical lens suppliers allows you to place all your orders in one place! So ditch the fax and make the convenience of the Internet your best friend!

Lesson #3 Everyone Loves a Good Deal
Movie: Jerry Maguire

Saving money is important to everyone, whether it be in your personal life or professional. Well, guess what? Placing orders through VisionWeb is 100% free for your practice! So not only will it help keep your customers happy and save you all kinds of time, but there's also no extra investment for  your practice. In fact, I'd bet that your practice probably made a big investment in a practice management system, right? VisionWeb integrates with the practice management systems in the eyecare industry to make seamless ordering through your practice management system a reality. What a great way to add value to your investment!

Lesson #4 Give Your Employees the Tools they Need to Succeed
Movie: The Wizard of Oz

If you want to keep your rockstar employees happy, make sure that you're giving them the tools and resources they need to succeed. And when it's all said and done, online optical ordering is simply easier and more efficient than any eyecare product ordering method. Your employees will notice a difference, we promise. With the time your practice will save from not talking to suppliers on the phone, they will be able to provide better customer service, and spend more time doing the tasks they really enjoy - like helping patients pick out an awesome new pair of frames!

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