2020 Resolutions for Your Eyecare Practice

Everyone's making personal resolutions to kickoff the new year. We see resolutions as achievable goals, both small and large, that can help you look back on a productive year and reward your practice accordingly. For example, if your resolution in 2019 was to grow your practice to a certain number of patients and you achieved it, maybe you rewarded your staff with an extra bonus. 

Resolutions can be open-ended if you're not sure exactly how you want to grow your practice, but you know that maybe your workflow or software are outdated. Here are a few things that might kick-start your year.

Ideas for Optometry Practice Resolutions in 2020

resolutionsMore Open Communication

During the age of information, your patients want more transparency in the form of patient education and live website chat help. A diagnosis can become more effective with the aid of videos, pamphlets, or stories from other patients. Make sure you have a patient portal and practice management system that can keep up with your technologically-savvy patients in 2020.

Bilingual Care

The immigrant population in the US is over 45 million people of which 50% speak English proficiently (Source). A bilingual optometrist can be a strongpoint if you find yourself in states like Texas, California, or New York.

Although most patients are comfortable understanding and speaking English, it can only help to have a basic knowledge of medical terms in a second language such as Spanish or Chinese. Use apps such as OpTranslate, hire a bilingual OD or team, or take classes yourself in 2020.

Reduce Waste

This could be in the form of reducing your need for paper (forms or otherwise), single-use plastic, or other eco friendly measures. However, it can also imply identifying unnecessary administrative tasks that your staff could automate or cut out altogether. Phone-based patient recall, tedious handoff procedures, manual patient education, data re-entry during exams, and other inefficiencies waste precious time. 

We created an ebook to maximize efficiency and free up time for patient care in your practice. Maybe 2020 is the year you can see more patients than ever before?

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