3 Tips For Writing Your About Me Page On Your Optometric Practice Website

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Thu, Apr 05, 2018 @ 15:04 PM

If you’re giving your website a refresh, or are creating your optometric practice’s first website, one page that should take consideration is your About Me page. A carefully crafted About Me webpage introduces you to prospected patients and invites them to your optometric practice. Unfortunately, writing about yourself can seem a bit awkward and cause you to leave out information that highlights your greatest accomplishments and is an accurate reflection of who you are.

This post provides tips for writing a professional bio that is friendly, inviting, and persuasive.

How To Create A Professional Bio For Your Optometric Practice Website

Look For InspirationTips for writing a professional bio for your optometric practice webpage.

There are tons of well-written professional bios and templates online for you to find inspiration from. Before you start writing your bio, look at your peer's online bio to pull a few good examples that will help you create yours. Remember, while writing a professional bio about yourself may be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be complex.

After you have pulled three or four examples from your peers, try to dissect them. It shouldn’t take long to realize that they all contain similar information and a similar structure.

Gather Relevant Information

It might be easy for you to write about yourself at a high level. But, to help build credibility, think about any publications you’ve been featured in and awards that you have won. Also, make sure the information that you’re going to use for the bio is relevant to the audience. For example, your bio on your optometric practice website will be different than the bio you write for your blog about a hobby.

To help you gather relevant information, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Who am I writing for?
  • What do they need to know about me?
  • Why should they trust me as their potential eye care provider?
  • How can I help them?

Start Writing

When you’re ready to start writing your bio, use the examples you found and the relevant information you gathered to guide you through the process. To make the bio inviting for your patients, write in the first person and use your authentic, conversational language.

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