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Here at VisionWeb, we always emphasize on the importance of a smart workflow. We believe that everything should work seamlessly together and we don’t think that integrations are enough. We know that embedded tools are the way to go! But what is the difference? Integrating software means dealing with additional fees and working with third party vendors, whereas embedded tools already come with your optometry software.  

Thankfully, a wide variety of tools are already embedded into Uprise and in the upcoming weeks, we’ll talk to our partners about how their tools work in Uprise and how it can help you and your practice. Today, we interview 4PatientCare.

Optometry Software Embedded Tools: Series 1 

What is 4PatientCare?Optometry Software

4PatientCare's multi-modal, interactive messaging solutions integrate administrative, clinical, and health plan messaging needs with an array of services to increase patient and practice satisfaction while enhancing clinical outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

What services are embedded with Uprise and how can it help ECPs?

  • Automated Appointment Reminders and Pre-Appointment Reminders via Email and Text
    • Lower No Show Rates. Ensure your patients show up on time and are prepared for their appointment.
    • “Set It and Forget It”. Configure your system to deliver reminders on a schedule determined by provider, location and appointment type. Never again miss delivering a reminder message because office staff were distracted by other office tasks. 
  • Automated Recalls via Email and Text
    • More appointments, less administrative time. 4PatientCare does all the work for you, so you can get more patients in the door with less effort.
    • Recall Campaigns. A single recall notice occasionally results in a booked appointment. 4PatientCare’s intelligent escalation™ recall protocol however, enhances your recall campaign to achieve maximum results. You determine the business rules and timeline to target each individual patient and the process continues until the patient schedules an appointment.

Optometry softwareHow will this benefit the ECP’s patient?

  • Free Up Staff Time. Your busy staff can now spend less time on reminders and recalls and more time addressing individual patient needs in the office.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction. Patients expect you to have text and email available as preferred communication methods. Your patients will appreciate that you are keeping up with the times.

Why did you decide to partner with Uprise?

Uprise represents the future model of healthcare technology delivery. The era of cloud computing is here today and Uprise is at the edge of innovation. 4PatientCare is proud to stand with them as they infuse the latest technology to bring healthcare into the 21st century.

Are there any plans for new features?

4PatientCare is always evolving. We strive to provide the most advanced and highest quality services in the marketplace. We continually seek feedback from our customers and integrate their ideas into new products and services on an ongoing basis.

What changes do you expect to see in the Optical Industry in 2014?

Meaningful Use will continue to have a large impact on how the industry operates. Many inroads will be made in digitizing healthcare, with a focus on optimal integration into workflow. Those who embrace the incredible opportunities in the new electronic way of doing business will reap rewards across a multitude of areas including revenue generation, work time, and patient satisfaction.

4PatientCare is a great addition to our tool and the best part is that it comes with no additional cost or setup! If you are already using 4PatientCare and are looking for a practice management and EHR solution, check out Uprise! 


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