5 Common Patient Experience Problems and How to Fix Them


Maintaining a positive patient experience before, during, and after a patient's appointment is a must-do for today's modern eyecare practice. The patient experience starts before you're even aware of it when someone visits your website and books an appointment online. Today, we're taking a look at 5 different problems when it comes to the patient experience, and what you and your staff can do to resolve these issues and keep your practice ahead of the curve. 

The Answers to 5 Common Patient Problems

If you're seeing a lot of appointment cancellations you
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4 Easy Ways to Decrease Appointment Cancellations

Last minute appointment cancellations and no shows can have a big impact on your office's workflow and your profits. While sometimes life happens, and appointments have to be canceled, there are a lot of appointments that shouldn't be pushed to the wayside. Take a look at these four tips to better manage and avoid patient cancellations. 

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What Your Future Patients are Looking for in Your Optical Practice

Just about every practice out there has the goal of increasing patient growth each year. And these days your competition is stiff when it comes to all of the options patients have for receiving their healthcare. What is your practice doing to stand out from the crowd to provide patients with the experience they're looking for?

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5 Steps to Encourage Patient Engagement Throughout Your Office

Staying active in their own healthcare is becoming an increasing need for many patients. But sometimes patients need the extra push to make them aware of their engagement options, and to see the health benefits they'll receive from being more involved. These tips will help you and each of your team members encourage patient engagement throughout the entire appointment.

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How to Convince Patients to Order Frames from Your Optical Practice

Online competition for eyeglasses is growing every day. And keeping patients in your dispensary to purchase frames is getting harder and harder. What strategies are you using to keep your patients in your practice and off of the Internet? Check out this practice's infographic that explains to patients the benefits and low costs of purchasing frames.

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Fostering Strong Relationships with Patients Via Social Media

Maintaining a relationship with your patients outside of your office can be challenging. But social media allows you to stay top of mind with your followers all year round. Check these reasons why you should be using social media to help foster and build those patient relationships to keep them coming back to your office year after year. 

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