8 Ways to Pump Up the Fun in Your Eyecare Practice

Creating a positive office atmosphere and culture is often times easier said than done. With busy schedules and demanding workloads, it can be hard to take the time to really cultivate, grow, and interact with employees every day in the office. But, a lively office culture will have benefits not only for you and your team, but for your patients too. Let's look at a few different ideas to help implement a little more fun into your office every day.

How to Add more Fun into Your Eyecare Practice Culture

Hire Happy People and Promote Camaraderieeyecare practice culture

This one sounds obvious, but should be a part of the screening process during interviews. Hiring happy people will be apparent in your office, by both your staff and your patients. On top of looking for happy people, promoting camaraderie in the office is another way to keep spirits up and to encourage teamwork and support of each other. Setting goals and rewarding the office as a team can help promote this type of atmosphere.

Coffee + Snacks

You're not you when you're hungry. Being able to provide snacks and coffee for your team is a simple and affordable way to keep your team in the office and not running low on energy.

Office-Sponsored Lunches

Bringing in lunch for the team can go a long way. Whether you want to schedule a quick lunch huddle with the team to discuss things going on in the office, or if you want to reward the team with lunch for meeting a certain goal or going above and beyond, it's a quick and easy way to boost morale.

Secret Pal

This one is kind of like Secret Santa, except is lasts all year long. Employees can opt in to participating in the year-long gift exchange, and you can set your own rules on how often gifts should be expected. It's a fun way to keep your team interested and involved with one another, and it's a nice bonus to walk into a surprise gift in the office.

End of Day Dance Party

Maybe it's been a particularly stressful week or month in your practice. Ending the day with something silly like a dance party can be a great way to let loose and forget about the stresses for a few minutes. Something like this will send your team home from the office on a happy note and hopefully keeps them from taking work struggles home with them.

Out of Office Events

Scheduling out of office events with your team is a great way to continue building trust and teamwork. These could be events you do a couple of times a year for special accomplishments. Some ideas include hosting a bbq, visiting an escape room, playing paintball, or attending an art or cooking class together.

Engage in Your Community

Team members in your office are likely to have ties to the community. Being an active member of your community is also a great way to promote your practice. Find out what local causes and organizations are important to people on your team and find ways that you can contribute to them as an entire office.

Spruce Up the Office

You want to be comfortable at your job each day. When was the last time you bought new office furniture, upgraded technology, or invested in new artwork or decor? Little adjustments to your office can help employees be more comfortable in their surroundings each day. Does your team have everything they need to perform their jobs effectively? Find out what might be missing in your office that could make jobs easier or your team more comfortable.

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