Benefits of Implementing a Referral Program for your Eyecare Practice

Implementing a referral program in your eyecare practice is a great way to build relationships with other providers and increase new patient traffic into your office. Practices using referral programs have reported up to a 75% increase in new patients by building a solid network.

Today, we'll discuss the benefits of implementing a referral program and how it can impact your revenue by creating a network of providers, building your reputation, and offering a patient referral program.

Referral Programs for your Eyecare Practice

Create a Network of Providers

Building connections to other local health care providers is an excellent start to creating a network. One health care provider to consider when building your network is neurology practices. Neurologists may not be equipped to treat visual impairment in patients diagnosed with a concussion properly. Having a referral program in place can help get these new patients into your office and ensure they are receiving the best treatment course.
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Building your Reputation 

As mentioned, increasing your clientele of new patients is not always the easiest if you're in a saturated market. An easy way to start creating your connections is by reaching out to other health care providers via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and or stopping by their offices in person to introduce yourself. Creating genuine connections with other providers will help build your reputation.

Patient Referral Program

Now that we've covered the benefits of having a referral program with other health care professionals, we can discuss a patient referral program. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool when running a business, especially if you're a cold-start practice. Having an incentive to help encourage other patients to refer new patients is an inexpensive way to market your eyecare practice. Some incentives to consider for a patient referral program are getting a free eye exam or 50% off the second pair of frames-this is a great way to get new patients in and drive revenue in your optical.

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