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Posted by Madhu Singh on Thu, Feb 13, 2020 @ 08:02 AM

Although it can be tough to admit, your eyecare practice is a business that needs to be profitable in order to serve more patients. If you're a long-time subscriber of our blog, you've probably got a business plan made already. You've created quarterly and annual sales goals, but the majority of your time as an OD is spent on patient care and diagnosis.

However, there are ways to close sales outside of the dispensary. Upgrading patients' product choices, adding lens coating, and encouraging optional accessories are a few things to mention in the exam lane to the right patient. You should also always be promoting your practice and its services through creating what we call "marketing leads". Let's unpack what we mean by all of this in today's blog.

Indirect Sales Strategies for ODs

Luxury Feeling

Patients are more likely to go for a luxury item when they've been given luxury treatment.

Many practices may not focus on design, but providing comfortable chairs and benches, coffee, snacks, and wifi encourage patients to stay longer browsing your dispensary. Create a relaxing environment that doesn't feel medical with plants and oil diffusers. Most customers want to choose their frames quickly, but they don't want to feel rushed into a sale by your opticians.

As the OD, you can dictate the staff uniform and design of your office to feel high-end or practical, depending on your patient base's preferences.


Especially if a patient has a long-term eye disease, creating a personal connection can go a long way for loyalty and sales. This is something that begins with the front desk and becomes more effective when executed during the exam. Asking patients about their physical activity, diet, and other medically-relevant questions doesn't have to feel clinical. If you have a genuine conversation with your patients surrounding their lifestyle, you'll not only be able to recommend more products, but you'll establish trust.

Companies that are built on strong values (such as Lush's cruelty free messaging) tend to attract strong, loyal customers. Start with a mission statement that patients can connect with, then build on that.

Face Time

Like we mentioned above with connection, the amount of time you get to actually talk to your patient is invaluable. Reducing data entry and billing confusion can free up time for patient education and up-selling where needed.

Uprise EHR and practice management software reduces the number of clicks for every staff member and our outsourced billing team can get you paid reliably month after month. These services are worth looking into if you feel like your practice is full of effective sales messaging and tactics, but just sees too many patients to make time for strategizing and future planning.

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