6calls Expansion Provides Greater Efficiency for Eyecare Practices

Posted by Hannah Hutyra on Thu, Mar 08, 2012 @ 08:03 AM

6calls-Expansion-Provides-Greater-Efficiency-for-Eyecare-PracticesAre you accessible to your patients as often as you should be? Would it be nice to have a little help at the front desk with reminder and recovery calls? Or extra assistance with inbound calls so that you can get more hands on time with your patients, optimizing time to build valuable relationships that create consistent customers? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, if you haven't heard of 6calls, maybe it's time to do a little research on the resources that are out there specifically for eyecare practices that allow you to focus on your patients while selling more and filling up your schedule. With 6calls this is now all possible! If you have heard of 6calls, but just haven't heard of their new offered service, they now offer services for not only outbound calls but inbound calls as well!

Here's the low down. Inbound calls to your eyecare practice can be forwarded and assigned to a Telecare agent at 6calls. When answered, the agent has automatic access to the practice’s information, customized script, specialized instructions as well as remote access to the practice’s scheduling utilities, giving the agents the ability to perform services as if they were sitting in the practice itself! The callers won't even know they are speaking to a third party; your number is even on the caller ID! Here is just a summary of what 6calls can do for your eyecare practice:

  • Live industry professionals that provide consistent patient care
  • Inbound calls for better efficiency and service
  • Outbound calls to perform scheduling, reminders, recall, and recovery
  • Customized calls that are unique to your eyecare practice
  • Integrated into your PMS to provide the same service you give

If you're still iffy about 6calls, because you just think that the personalization of your own front desk is a must, just hear us out! 6calls doesn't have to be your primary source of inbound and outbound calls. Whether you just need an extra hand during peak times, want someone available to take calls 24/7, or are thinking about eliminating your front desk altogether, 6calls services can be beneficial to the needs of any eyecare practice! 6calls can also send out personalized emails, text messages, postal mail, and provide an online scheduling system integrated into your practice management system. There really is a resource for every eyecare practice with 6calls!

6calls streamlined communication process might be what your eyecare practice is in need of to further optimize efficiency (if you're already ordering efficiently through VisionWeb, of course!). Here are some of the benefits that 6calls Front Office Suite can provide for your eyecare practice:

  • Integration and customization specific to your eyecare practice needs
  • Enhanced patient communication and care
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Fuller schedule
  • Increased revenue
  • Freed up time for your staff
  • Progress reports
  • HIPPA Compliance

But we're not the only ones talking about 6calls, VMail Technology recetly highlighted the 6calls service as well! So what do you think about 6 calls? Do you think it could be beneficial to your practice? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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