Infographic: An Optical Dispensing Customer Guide

Posted by Hannah Hutyra on Thu, Sep 06, 2012 @ 10:09 AM

Infographic An Optical Dispensing Customer GuideOrnithological Guide to an Optical Customer

In your optical dispensary, I’m sure you’ve seen it all walk through the doors. Many customers make your job a breeze, but it’s also hard not to mention the ones that make your work-life just that much more difficult. But just like family members, you just gotta love ‘em because every single one of them make the life of your optical dispensary that much more interesting!

I also don’t doubt that there is gossip here and there around your optical dispensary about these customers, and mentioning names is never professional! So we decided it would be fun to partner up with one of our great friends, Vision Monday, to classify the different kinds of optical customers you guys encounter into our own little world of optical ornithology, that’s right BIRDS! Maybe with our infographic, "The Fourth O: An Ornithological Field Guide to the Optical Customer," you can start using code names, maybe even begin documenting the number of each type of customer you encounter – anything to make your work-life just that much more fun!

To give you a little idea, raise your hand if you’ve ever had a customer walk in with an old pair of frames that look like they have been through the blender once or twice, but they still have the courage to ask you for a brand new pair…for free?! And when you say that just isn’t possible, you never hear the end of it. This stereotypical customer is classified as a Cuckoo bird in our world of optical ornithology and our scientific name for them is Insanis Personium.

But on the other hand, you have those patients that swoop in and melt your heart. They cooperate, collaborate, listen to your recommendations, and most of all do not gasp when a price tag is put on their new eye wear. The Dove, also known as Quietum Sumptuosus, is the optical customer everyone loves to see!

These are just a couple of the 13 stereotypes Vision Monday and us at VisionWeb came up with to create our latest infographic, "The Fourth O: An Ornithological Field Guide to the Optical Customer."

Don't forget to check out the infographic and share it with your friends to find out if you have anyone in common walking through your doors. And if we've missed anyone, let us know what kind of birds you have flocking into your optical dispensary!


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